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Russia, Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg Headcanons

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Russia, Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg Headcanons

Post by Wolpard on Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:50 am


  • He speaks pretty good French. However, he's gotten rusty at it lately.
  • His official 'snapping point' was on Bloody Sunday and onto the Russian Revolution. Since the fall of the USSR he has calmed down, although not very well trusted by others because of his past actions.
  • He is oblivious to harm he causes or has caused to others.
  • He very rarely takes off his scarf, even if it's hot, since it reminds him of the times he and his sisters were closer.
  • He has a hard time forgiving and forgetting, even though he expects it from everyone else.
  • He easily forgets things that he himself has done and didn't come out the way he had hoped.
  • He is convinced that almost everyone he knows is his friend.


  • He has difficulty trusting others.
  • No matter who it is, he's always willing to come to the aid of anyone who truly needs it.
  • In his mind, he does in fact consider several countries as his friends, although denying it. He considers Austria as his best friend, although denying it as well. The only one he'll usually admit to him liking is Liechtenstein; if asked about any other friends he'll simply say "You don't know who they are."
  • He has trouble taking sides, even in small arguments- unless the results affect him in either a negative or positive way.
  • He feels bad of himself when reminded of certain steps he took to bring himself out of poverty.
  • France is his cousin, but he prevents everyone from knowing about it. The only person he admits is family, is Liechtenstein, who isn't even genetically related to him.
  • Sometimes when he shoots his gun at people, he is shooting blanks (so not always...)


  • He does not like to fight, even if he gets himself involved in a lot of them, but not only because he is 'more of a lover', but because he is afraid he will loose.
  • He's easily offended when he's turned down in a relationship (both romantic and non-romantic), although hiding it and denying it when around others.
  • Seeing others (especially good friends) in happy relationships always makes him smile.
  • When he looses a battle or war, his excuse is, "I'm a lover, not a fighter".
  • His best friends are Spain and Prussia.


  • Unlike his older brother, he's pretty okay spending a lot of money. In fact, he does it sometimes to show off or frustrate Netherlands.
  • He generally likes to poke fun at Netherlands in general anyway (like pretty much copying his flag, and saying he uses too much hair gel- even though he uses quite a lot himself). Sometimes purposely starting arguments that need to be intervened by someone (such as a certain sister person).
  • ┬áHe's a very hard worker and often busies himself too much to the point where he has no time for anything else. Getting him to go out to do stuff is a rare occasion!
  • Germany is a bit of an annoyance to him. It's not that he hates him, he is just a lame neighbor. They could get along if they needed to but throwing small insults at Germany here and there is just too tempting.

(I will add onto it more later. Let me know if you want an explanation for something I guess. I don't feel like cluttering this post with explanations- unless someone actually cares to know about something in particular. Also, if you have any suggestions or want to share any headcanons for these characters, feel free to comment! I'll be adding to this as I please, so I might include any of your headcanons if I accept them.)
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