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Hashima Bio

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Hashima Bio

Post by BakaInuNinja on Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:53 am

端島 Hashima
Ghost Island/軍艦島(
Gunkanjima) Battleship Island

Language - Japanese
Area - 0.063 km squared
Population - 0
Years populated - 1887-1974 (87 years)

Human name:
Kojima 小島 Arashi 嵐 (That is, yes, Surname then First name.)
Human age:
Actual age:
126 years
He can't remember his actual birthday after dealing with so many people, but if pestered for a date for his birthday he'll say April 20th, the date when the island was entirely uninhabited.
Black, similar to Japan's hair except shorter and messier.
Eye colour:
Dark Brown
Thin and almost bony, he's a little paler than you might expect for the climate.
Light old scars on his arms and legs, not particularly noticeable or anything that really stands out however.
Main residence:
He enjoys staying on the island, but that's too isolated even for him, so he will often just stay in mainland Japan near where the island is.
Preferred clothing:
He'll wear anything as long as it's not unreasonable or stands out too much. Usually just a plain shirt, jacket/hoodie and full length pants. Often shades of grey and if not then dull colours, and it won't be uncommon for the clothes to be old and worn.
Fairly solitary and quiet, disliking drawing attention to himself most of the time. However if he has a reasonable chance to be in control of something, he will gladly take it and will take the time to just enjoy himself. If someone he doesn't know tries to talk to him, he will listen and occasionally speak, but if he decides he doesn't like them then he'll either ignore them, or make rude comments, either way though, he will insult anyone as long as it doesn't cause any extreme response. But if he actually decides he likes someone then he will engage in conversations with them. He has little sense of/care for the feelings of most others, particularly those he dislikes, however he will always try to do things to please Japan and generally help him in whatever way he can. He does believe in and says he can see ghosts, so you might find him talking seemingly to no one, it won't happen too often though and he will more than likely be arguing anyway. He adapts to any necessary changes in things very quickly

High IQ/Low IQ

Power, Quietness, 
The sea, plants,
Large groups of people-especially strangers, most animals(Exceptcats), Rain, modern technology,
Storms, people he likes leaving him,
Pretty smart(Haha, he can't do much other than watch and learn), not very easily disturbed(By violence and injury and all that)


He is very physically weak, can't actually swim,
Colour- Black
Food- Anything quick and easy to make/eat.
Drink- Water
Time of day- Midday
Animal- Cats
Hobby- People-watching
Weather- Sunny

Since he was young Hashima had always enjoyed watching others from a distance, and had little interest in interacting with them more than necessary. However as nearby islands gained their own mines Hashi was pressured into getting one of his own but he soon grew to enjoy the importance he had in running it, becoming more clingy to Japan at the same time. Determined to keep and increase this power and please Japan he kept trying to improve, soon building Japan's first large concrete building, however not putting much consideration in for the people who would live there, only thinking about himself.
Because of the need for more power during WWII but less workers due to them doing the fighting, Hashi took what he considered a normal and reasonable approach to the situation and had forced labour from China and Korea, causing them to strongly dislike him for how little he bothered or cared for the workers, too busy helping Japan no matter the consequences(See below).
Soon after the War Hashi seemed to have gained some ability to feel sympathy for the inhabitants of the island, with several leisure facilities such as a theatre and arcade available. However in 1959 the island reached it's peak in population(See below), with people packed into every available space, showing he still didn't care too much still. What may not be expected is that he actually is quite fascinated by plants, particularly trees, and so one of the few leisure activities he strongly encouraged was that of gardening- he would never actually do it himself, he never seemed to manage well and couldn't keep a plant alive for long- but he would often waste time sitting in the rooftop gardens of the island's residents.
In the 1970's when the island was being closed down Hashi began growing more frustrated at the one thing he had focused on being closed and complained a little about it but he couldn't stop it, he did soon grow used to it, reverting back to how his younger self was, much more isolated. From then on he began interacting with others much less, staying more at a distance and soon developed his habits of watching others from the background, learning more about the world but avoiding attention. He often says he is tired of others if questioned which is more what he's trying to prove to himself, as really he is quite clingy.

Japan - He can be very clingy to and dependant on him, and is one of the few people he does particularly like. He's always willing to do anything Japan says or wants him to do.
S.Korea - He tends to just ignore/deny anything S.Korea says, he used to not care about him but now simply doesn't like him.
Seychelles - Frenemies! He tends to call her 'stupid' and half the time when they're talking it's just smart-ass/sarcastic comebacks. He is quite attached to her really though and likes being around her.


  • In 1959, when the island had it's most people, it was the most densely populated place on Earth(See below). This is why he's much more tolerant of people being physically close to him than Japan is, and if it's on his terms, he doesn't particularly care about other's personal space.
  • Now just because I find it really interesting, here are some specific numbers involving the population to help you picture how many people were there. The Island as a whole had a population of 216,264 people/square mile at it's peak, or taking into account only the residential area of the island it would be 360,267 people/square mile.
    To put that all in perspective, I believe New York City's population density is 26,403 people/square mile, Hong Kong's is 16,565 people/square mile. The current most densely populated island has 269,143 people/square mile, however people /only/ live on this island, they have to rely on nearby islands and the mainland for work, a cemetery, school and recreation. (Whilst on Hashima there was a theatre, 25 different shops, an arcade, a hospital, two schools, two shrines, a hairdressers, hahaabrothel, a playground, restaurants, etc. And still the mine and where people lived too!)

  • However, if it isn't on his terms, he can get pretty uncomfortable and embarassed if someone gets overly close to him, and will probably shove them away rather than even telling them to stop. Helikestomakehispointclear. He also actually quite enjoys the company of people he likes, of course he doesn't like admitting this, preferring to insist that he is tired of being surrounded by people.
  • Here are some examples of how bad the conditions were on the island: "By the time Japan surrendered to the Allied forces in August 1945, about 1,300 labourers had died on the island, some in underground accidents, others of illnesses related to exhaustion and malnutrition. Still others had chosen a quicker, less gruesome death by jumping over the sea-wall and trying in vain to swim to the mainland."
    "According to a report, some pits were more than 1,000 m deep, with seams under the sea bed. The victims' skin was permanently infected as seawater sometimes flooded into the pit and toxic gases rose from the rock wall. That is why Korean and Chinese laborers instead of Japanese were sent into such mine. One survivor testified the mine shafts were too low to stand up straight and the temperature was over 45 degrees Celsius." "Hashima was completely isolated. Laborers who attempted to escape were soon caught and tortured. Some survivors even tried to cut off their own limbs as a way to leave the island."
    Quotes from a Korean who survived working there: "We Koreans were lodged in buildings on the edge of the island. Seven or eight of us were put together in a tiny room, giving each person no more than a few feet of space." "We were constantly watched and ordered around by Japanese guards, some of whom were wearing swords."

    Yeah. Hashi was a right mean prick to say the least.
  • But of course as briefly hinted at before, he can actually be very clingy and dependant on a select few others, mainly Japan of course, getting paranoid when people he likes around leave him for whatever reason, having abandonment issues.

  • (Schoolchildren on the island saying 'Sayonara Hashima' before leaving the island.)((Also after my random beginning at learning Japanese, It's written in Katakana for some reason(Usually used for foreign words)))

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Re: Hashima Bio

Post by BakaInuNinja on Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:52 pm

Again, Stealing a post for when I'm less lazy/busy to write about 2P him.

Human name:
Build: Slightly less thin than his 1P self, mainly due to carrying and swinging around his pickaxe, and less pale too.
Hair: Black with white streaks, a little longer and more 'styled' messy and spiked than his 1P self.
Eye colour: Brown, but a slightly more redish shade than 1P him.
Preferred weapon: (Seeing as most 2Ps seem to have their own personal weapon) His Pickaxe~
Personality: He would be a fairly nice and social person, but is a bit mentally unstable and so can be very impulsive. He likes to be the first to try things and to be the centre of attention while at it, but he doesn't necessarily make the right choices and will hold grudges.

Likes: Attention, the sounds of the ocean and things breaking, heat, people, having fun even if at the expense of others, 
Dislikes: When people ignore clear attempts for attention(Lol don't do that unless you want to die even sooner),
Skills: Great at acting,
Weaknesses: Very impulsive and does things just because he can, he can be a bit of a flirt,


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