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12. Which RP ideas would you most like to take part in?

2% 2% [ 1 ]
7% 7% [ 3 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]
9% 9% [ 4 ]
9% 9% [ 4 ]
7% 7% [ 3 ]
7% 7% [ 3 ]
7% 7% [ 3 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]
9% 9% [ 4 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]
9% 9% [ 4 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]

Total Votes : 45

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Roleplay Help/guidelines

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Roleplay Help/guidelines

Post by BakaInuNinja on Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:07 am

These are just sections from these: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Not everything there applies to our group, and here I've taken a few of the points that do.
These are always great and/or important to follow when RPing!

  • There are many different types of role-plays of many different genres. If you dislike one, you may find another you like better. Make sure what you write goes along with the type of role-play you're doing. Don't for instance write about casting magic in a 'future-tech/high-tech' role-play. If you don't like the theme or concept around a RP we do, don't join in that one. You don't need to take part in /every/ RP of ours, just the ones you want to okay? And if there's nothing you want, suggest ideas you like for us!

  • Never power-play. No one likes to role-play with someone who is in one place, then is mystically in another without moving, or has actions completed that they have not included in their post. Power-playing is also used to describe the action of controlling, injuring, killing, or otherwise manipulating another character without the player's consent, such as shooting or tripping a character. It assumes that the character's fate is yours to control, and is one of the most impolite things you can do in role-play Of course, in some cases this is reasonable, but other times give others a chance to say/do something either in character, or the actual person before you go and rip their face off.

  • A lot of role-players prefer you to have a certain standard for how much you write, and it always varies. You might aim to write three good sentences while someone else wants three good paragraphs, or vice versa. Now, I'm not too sure about the other people in the group, but I personally feel that between two sentences and three paragraphs per character is best.

  • Do not attack anything randomly or without reason. Always have a reason to attack somebody. You wouldn't just punch somebody out of nowhere right? Similar to a point above, but in character, is there a reason for the violence and is that response reasonable?

  • No one likes someone who makes two or three posts and doesn't post forever. If you have to go on a trip, have a job or something, then inform your fellow role-players so they don't sit on their butts waiting for you all day. Also, if you don't like how a role-play is going, work it out with the people you're role-playing with, instead of just leaving. Yeah, guys, if you're going to be busy for a while or can't come online on FH or the forum for any amount of time more than a week or two, please tell someone! If you want, I could even make a thread for people to post on about absences? And if you don't like a RP you're in, suddenly ignoring it is silly and childish, ask about the RP.

If I find anything that is helpful, I'll be sure to add them here~

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