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Blackpool Bio

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Blackpool Bio

Post by BakaInuNinja on Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:02 am


Status - English Borough in the North West
Language - English
Area - 34.85 km squared
Population - 142,100

Human name:
Jessica Kirkland
Human age:
Late teen?
Actual Age:
Around 300-400 years
(Let me get back to you on this)
Dirty blonde/Golden brown with unnatural platinum blonde streaks in her fringe. Usually kept in a short ponytail with a fringe to her right, but when it's not tied up it reaches a couple of inches below her shoulders.
Eye colour:
Dark green
Athletic and small, and notably flat chested.
Both ears have three piercings, one in the lobe and two near the top. Usually red and yellow.
Main residence:
Close to the coast, 'where all the action is'.
Preferred clothing:
Likes wearing a top which cuts off a bit above her bellybutton with long sleeves, and over than a sleeveless hoodie. Then also wears short shorts, knee-high socks and trainers. All of which are Black/yellow colouring. Depending on the weather she may wear only the hoodie or only the top though. She also enjoys wearing showy performer clothes, however rarely will wear skirts and dresses.
She lives to find enjoyment out of everything and to try and make others happy if she can, the latter either going very well or annoying them. She is quite full of herself, happily referring to herself/the borough as 'The best seaside resort in the UK' and things along those lines. She isn't exactly a hyper person, but does enjoy thrills and having fun and avoids serious stuff. With anything boring, as much as it may need doing, being avoided. However at night her personality depends on who and what is around, if she gets alcohol she will become louder, wild and actually possivly violent, but if there is no alcohol around then will happily spend hours watching any bright lights and talking with anyone nearby. She can be content with no others nearby, always able to find a way to occupy herself, however she is most happy when around lots of other people and especially being the centre of attention. She has quite a cheesy sense of humour. 

High IQ/Low IQ

Being the center of attention, Roller coasters
Sweet foods(Especially Doughnuts and sticks of edible rock), Chips, Swimming and the beach, bright lights, dancing, staying up and waking up late, circuses, ice skating, parties, getting a go of/taking part in everything,
Boats, Planes, warm places, being told what to do, being woken up early, school, silence,
Real serious injury, 
Dancing(She does actually know some slow/paired dances, but avoids them because they generally involve dresses for her), climbing, Ice skating, athletic.
Nooot very smart, Not very able to multi-task, dealing with anything serious, she's fairly weak, 
Colour- Orange/Yellow
Food- Donuts
Drink- Any fizzy sugary drinks
Time of day- Night time
Animal- Donkey
Hobby- Being on fairground/Amusement park rides
Weather- Any time it's not raining or too windy
When younger, she originally was fine on her own and didn't bother others much, but soon she grew into a bit of an attention whore after meeting others more. She tried coming up with ideas to keep others around but she wasn't really good at anything and so wasn't particularly interesting, so she spread rumours(Such as how people believed bathing in the ocean improved your health) and she became a bit of a liar and quickly grew rather full of herself.
Soon enough she got out of lying and actually started trying to become good at things, although rather than aiming to help others she wanted to focus on entertaining others, being her attention-loving self. After finding she was good at it, she soon became obsessed with being the best and having the biggest/best things in her town(Three piers, Second largest Opera house in the UK, and the first Municipality in the World to have Electric street lighting! Then one of the first Electric tramways, The Blackpool Tower, One of Britain's first all-Electric theatres, etc.).
Recently she went through a stage of too much partying, drinking, and all that stuff, but after England insisting she stop, she found other ways of having fun and she now tries to avoid alcohol in favour of more child-friendly things, resulting in why she acts so immature nowadays.

England - Of course she likes him to an extent, being an English Borough, but she doesn't like it when he tells her what to do and enjoys challenging what he says.
Germany, Austria, Hungary - Doesn't like them. Because of them in WW1 they had to keep the Blackpool Illuminations off.


  • She's Bi, Right handed, sometimes swears(Unless drunk), an optimist, only speaks English, Lolnonotavirgin, thinks donkeys are cute and seagulls are annoying, believes strongly in fortune telling.

  • She likes scares and thrills, but when actually badly hurt she will at first freak out but very quickly go to quietly sulking to herself and eventually pretending it didn't happen because it would have most likely been due to her bad choices.

  • But if it's someone else that is seriously injured she might first try and believe it's fake, but once realising it's real will try to help/comfort them for a short while but really have no clue what to do and may make it worse, and afterwards try and entirely forget about it happening.

  • She dislikes Germany, Austria and Hungary because of World War 1 causing the illuminations to have to be stopped for several years.

  • She generally always carries around a torch in her hoodie pocket and often has a stick of edible rock too.
  • She's sort of on the boarder of being a girly-girl and being a tom boy. She strongly dislikes wearing skirts and dresses(Mainly because they are impractical with her love of roller coasters and whatnot, andalsodressesdon'tgowithherflat-chestednesswell), However she does still like wearing fairly revealing clothes, mainly short shorts and skin-tight things, and she also wears some although not too much make-up.

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Re: Blackpool Bio

Post by BakaInuNinja on Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:33 pm

Ima steal this post now so I can add information on 2P her later.

Human name:
Build: Small, very pale and quite weak.
Hair: Light blonde, longer than her 1P self and is usually kept down.
Eye colour: Dark Green
Preferred weapon: (Seeing as most 2Ps seem to have their own personal weapon) Mainly her Laser pen light, and a pocket knife for if she wants to cause more permanent damage. Light to temporarily blind people and knife only used after 'blinding' others so that she can more safely - on her part - attack.
Personality: She sees injuries and whatnot as fairly normal parts of everyday life, talking about, threatening for and even causing them as any other casual occurrence. Of course, she doesn't talk nearly as much as 1P her, and dislikes it when large amounts of attention is on her. She has a short temper and would rather just make it so someone can't follow her at least, such as using her laser light so they can't see her for a short while, but if she is particularly annoyed then will put up a fight with them.
Likes: Dark enclosed spaces, quietness, watching things rather than joining in,
Dislikes: People being loud specifically at/towards her,
Skills: Quiet, sneaky and calculating(Not the smartest, but more so than her 1P self), quite tolerant of injuries to herself, unphased by injuries to others,
Weaknesses: Overly obedient to even anyone who makes themselves seem threatening when they're clearly not, not particularly agile or fast,

  • She has 3 piercings on her ears like normal her, but also a pierced nose.

Age : 22
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