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Galapagos Islands/Santiago Flores Bio

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Galapagos Islands/Santiago Flores Bio

Post by BakaInuNinja on Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:47 am

Galápagos Islands

Archipiélago de Colón/Islas Galápagos

Status - Ecuadorian Province, National Park, Biological Marine Reserve
Location - 973 km off of Ecuadorian coast
Capital city - Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Language - Spanish
Area - 8,010 kn squared
Highest elevation - 1707m
Population - 26,640

Human name: (Considering the Islands were given English names, then much later were renamed Spanish names, I've decided he'll have both an English and a Spanish name.)
English: George (No surname and rarely uses this anymore)
Spanish: Santiago Flores
Human age:
Actual age:
478 years
10th March 
Dark Brown, no longer than his chin.
Eye colour:
Dull/grey green
Rather fit but in no way to a bulky extent, not particularly short or tall, and is quite tanned.
Burn mark on his left shoulder.
Main Residence:
Puerto Ayora, on Santa Cruz Island. He does like to explore and walk around the islands though so he can easily be found on any of them.
Preferred clothing: Like here. Cream shirt, often only loosely buttoned, tan cargo pants, brown boots going up to his knee and a sort of sun hat(Not meant to look like a cowboy hat. The rim around the edge is meant to slope down slightly. If I had to say It'd be most like a But surely you can see the differences to that too?). Of course he also has his glasses too.
He is very mature, laid back and enjoys learning, however not lazy at all and enjoys exploring and being outside. Very much an animal loving person ideally he would love to carry some sort of animal around with him which often isn't practical or fair on the creature, so he sticks with a little tortoise plushie most of the time. He also enjoys other people's company and meeting others, but there are times when some people make him feel a little edgy. Is and acts positive almost all of the time but easily gets worried. He can sometimes seem insensitive when talking with people though, he doesn't mean it though! He can't help having not so good people skills.

High IQ/Low IQ

Meeting new people, Reptiles, 
Animals('specially tortoises and birds), "warmth"(What is warm to him is hot for most people however)
Goats, Pigs, England(It's more like he doesn't trust him), humidity, El Niño 
Fire, snow, small animals he hasn't seen before,
Animal/wildlife smart for the most part, Plenty of stamina, has a good sense of direction, fine in hot arid climates.
Particularly cold places freak him out, he can be quite slow(physically and mentally), also can easily accidentally sound rude or insensitive, he often may not realise the danger of large animals, Can't climb

Colour- Green
Food- He'll eat almost anything but prefers vegetarian food.
Drink- Plain ol' water
Time of day- Morning
Animal- Galapagos Giant Tortoise of course, specifically the Pinta Island subspecies, 'cause of Lonesome George.
Hobby- Exploring, hiking, generally walking about nature.
Weather- Cloudy, so it's not too hot

Considering the island had no indigenous population, and was only accidentally discovered in 1535,(There have been signs of Native American peoples having visited the islands before them, but also the signs suggest it was never for any long amount of time) then finally only appeared on maps in around 1570. He spent a long time alone just with the animals, he grew to talk to them and so even nowadays may do so, however he loves meeting new people and being able to talk to others.
He used to be very gullible and easily manipulated, and even back then was excited about meeting the pirates who would occasionally stop by the islands and helped them with whatever they wanted, again just happy for the company. And then when whalers and fur traders began arriving, he again was too happy about more people and it didn't take much for them to convince him that what they were doing was good, even though they killed thousands of whales, seal lions, and tortoises. However he did begin to finally grow cautious of them after one man set fire to what was then Charles Island(Floreana now), the whole island burnt for over a day, leaving him with a burn and a fear of fire.
Then when Charles Darwin visited the islands and began realising the idea which would become the Origin of Species, Galapagos was fascinated by this, and so began him being more interested in animals more scientifically. So. When people began coming to the islands intending to take specimens for research, he happily agreed, again being oblivious to the fact that this meant thousands more animals were killed and taken away.
More of his people-happy-ness, he wanted any people to be able to live on the island, and was content with just about anyone from anywhere in the world (Even with the first governor deciding to bring convicts). And the fact that Ecuador wanted to sell the islands (Americawantedtobuy. Pfff.) didn't particularly phase him, again, potential to meet more people.
Eventually, he learnt more about the animals as people from other places learnt, and when the islands became a National Park he decided he would do his best to know as much about and help with the animals on his islands, growing a bit more common sense and so grew to be less oblivious and gullible.

Ecuador - 
England - Doesn't hate him, he doesn't hate anyone, but he doesn't trust him either.
Spain - Along with Ecuador, the closest to a parental figure to him and he does take after Spain in many ways.


  • I just had to. /There is a tree in the middle of the road./ TrusttheGalapagos

  • All the animals on the islands have pretty much no fear of humans, so they're practically tame. Galapagos, being used to this, may assume that any animal is tamer than they actually are. (Thatpictureaboveissocute.)

  • The islands are mostly desert-like, actually, and Galapagos is very used to and content with desert conditions -little water, very hot and dry, and even prefers conditions like that.
  • When it comes to socialising and being with others, yes he loves to meet new people, but he hasn't quite caught onto normal people-to-people conversation etiquette. So may well seem a bit awkward, mean, ignorant, or generally weird.[/size]

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Re: Galapagos Islands/Santiago Flores Bio

Post by BakaInuNinja on Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:03 am

Normal him~
And 2P him~ (Lothegunsonthatthingaremassive.)

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Re: Galapagos Islands/Santiago Flores Bio

Post by BakaInuNinja on Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:11 am


Human name:
Hair: Light brown
Eye colour: Grey
Preferred weapon: (Seeing as most 2Ps seem to have their own personal weapon) Tranquilizer gun. c:
Personality: He tends to always be in a bad mood, so there's no 'He gets angry easily/etc', and tends to do things without thinking which usually then causes others to notice him, as much as he dislikes that, and so if such a thing happens he may hide, or if whatever caused him to do something was bad enough in his eyes(generally. If it involves an animal). Of course, he holds all animal life above that of a humans, and is in fact pretty phobic of people and doesn't trust anyone in the slightest, avoiding contact as much as he can. But not trusting them forces him to have to be near them so he can make sure they aren't doing anything he deems bad.
Each shot in his tranquillizer gun tends to have random amounts of the liquid, therefore any shot could have any effect from numbness in an area, limb going to sleep, falling unconscious for any amount of time, to even death.

Likes: Animals.
Dislikes: People, Being told he is wrong, being outside for long, people, people hurting animals,
Skills: Pays lots of attention to detail,
Weaknesses: Complete lack of trust of anyone, loses things really easily,


Age : 22
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Re: Galapagos Islands/Santiago Flores Bio

Post by Sponsored content

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